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Why Visit Negril? The Seven Mile Beach Laid Back Personality The Cliffs are great for Snorkeling Is bicycle/moped your speed? The Beach Free Spirited Party Atmosphere Watersports EVERYWHERE! Negril Sunsets are Legendary. Did I say the Beach?
Imagine a stunningly beautiful ribbon of white sand beach.  Seven miles of it!  Imagine honeycombed cliffs and crystal-clear water.  Imagine carefree days and fun-filled nights.  Imagine Negril. This unique resort welcomes its guests with a "do-as-you-please" wink of approval.  Tucked away in Jamaica¹s most western point, Negril is truly the capital of casual.  Negril is also Jamaicas water sport capital.  If you feel energized you can dive, snorkel, sail, parasail, water ski, windsurf, kayak or glide along the coastline by catamaran.  Or, if you wish, do nothing but quietly work on your tan from a secluded cove or cliffside grotto. In Negril, each day is a new, fun-filled exciting adventure. Stroll the sandy shore or dive from the cliffs. For more conventional sport, golf and tennis are available. Bargaining for colorful crafts is an exhilarating experience and when the array of choices becomes too complex, steal away for a culinary treat at one of the local restaurants. The sunsets in Negril are as mesmerizing as they are magical. Studying the evening sunset from your favorite spot is the hallmark of the town¹s civilization. Nightspots abound after dark. When the stars start twinkling in the sky, you can lose yourself in the knowledge that you are in a place like no other on earth. Stay up all night dancing to the hypnotic beat of a live reggae band. And then sleep for as long as you like to the lullaby of a gentle wave lapping at your doorstep. Negril is one of life¹s rare pleasures and the ultimate freedom vacation. It¹s a kick-off-your shoes, shrug-off-you- blues way of life that makes the tomorrows prettier than the yesterday. Eat and drink, love and laugh, play, party and be happy. Negril. Come and take pleasure. Negril is a very special little corner of Jamaica. It was made famous by the hippies that came in the sixties and early seventies for the inexpensive rates and rasta sympathies. The ride to Negril used to take 2-3 hours. A new road was finished in 2000 that made it about 1.5 hours from the airport. 5000 hotel rooms were added in the last 25 years, mostly from large chains along the eastern edge of the Long Bay beach, the point and the new hotels on Bloody Bay Beach.  Negril got discovered and now it is an eclectic mix of the original small hotels and large hotel chains like Sandals, Beaches, Karisma, Couples and Riu that seems to be bursting at the seams as it is still a little town at the end of the road.  The small hotels still dot the 7 mile beach so Negril is one area of Jamaica that still does a bit of European plan with no mealplan.  As such, it has kept some of the original vibe with small restaurants and bars dotting the beach and cliffs.  Spend a few bucks and spend some time with the laid back locals. As a result, Negril has something for everybody. You can enjoy a laid back all-inclusive experience and we also enjoy heading here with a small napsack, a couple of swimsuits, shorts and t-shirts. The town is one of the best for small hotel tourism as many of the small hotels in Negril are clean, run by friendly people and the town has an abundance of places to eat or drink, mostly between $10 and $20 per person. Our favorite daytrip in Negril is to the South Coast. Treasure Beach, YS Falls and Bamboo Ave also make a nice trip. Also, a stop at Mayfield Falls with a loop over the mountain to the birdladys (see South Coast and Montego Bay) makes a great trip now that the new road is built. Your time in Negril will be split between the beach and trips up to the West End or Cliffs area. The beach is great, in Negril with shallow, warm water inside the reef for swimming. The first time people go to Negril, they stay on the beach. Many people returning for the 4th or 5th time, stay in the west end, because the inexpensive hotels offer a quieter experience with less higglers and private areas for sunbathing on the cliffs.  You need to be a good swimmer to jump in off the cliffs but on a smooth day it is one of the world’s great aquatic experiences to snorkel the west end.  Even if you stay on the beach, you should head up to the west end for a few sunsets.  An obligatory stop at Rick’s Cafe is something everybody should do but you will find quiet spots along the cliff where you can spend time for the cost of a cocktail or a Red Stripe.